2016 Webinars

2016 Size of Industry Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview from the findings of the 2016 Size of Industry report. The primary goal of the research is to provide a better understanding of the point-of-purchase and visual merchandising/store fixtures industry market structure, sizing & direction. As the leading voice for the industry, Shop! seeks to be well armed with the insights to help guide its member companies toward the most successful business decisions & elevate the role in-store marketing, store design and & visual merchandising plays in today’s in-store retail marketing mix.

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2016 Industry Performance Survey Webinar

Hosted by Madeline Baumgartner, Shop! Research Manager, this webinar will provide an overview from the findings of the 2016 report that is based on the financial performance of member companies that participated in Shop!’s annual Financial Performance Survey. The report details statistics on sales volume, income, expenses, net worth, and numerous other financial ratios.

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